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Simpson Thacher Law Firm

Simpson Thacher is one of the world's most respected law firms which has been in business over 130 years. With close to 1000 lawyers in 11 global offices, the pressure was on to get things right. We welcomed the challenge to create a robust site to spotlight not only the firm as a whole, but to promote each individual which is part of the team. We collaborated closely with the client and external agency to bring the clients vision to fruition.

Normally we would tackle all aspects of a project from inception to delivery, but this project was different. The client came to us through an external agency we have a good working relationship with. Anyone who builds websites can tell you, it is always better to design a site around the functionality needed as opposed to building functionality to match a specific design. Since the client already approved designs before we were involved, we had our work cut out for us. Thankfully our friends at the agency did a nice job on the initial site designs.

We like to keep things as simple as possible for our clients, so we created a single highly responsive site instead of forcing the client to update a desktop and mobile site separately. With the sheer amount of flexibility the client had to add and change content, we had to make sure every aspect of the site was as automated and fool proof as possible.

With over 1000 pages, multiple templates and a plethora of custom components and widgets, this site has a lot of information. There are also multiple custom pages for galleries, videos and others. If that wasn't enough, 900+ of those pages are bio pages with news feeds, publications, overviews, contact information and more for each partner and employee of the firm.

Once the project was complete, the client didn't waste a minute testing out the new system. With our included instruction manuals and live support to give them a head start, they were off to the races creating new pages. They added even more lawyer profiles, even videos, all while not being able to break functionality, responsiveness or designs.