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The YMCA of Somerset Hills contacted us looking to update and upgrade their website. The main focus was to create a seamless experience regardless of the device being used. Since the client wanted to control the content of the site themselves, we built the site around a CMS (content management system) for painless updates.

We wanted to keep the clients effort to a minimum, so we built a fully responsive site which scales and functions on every device from desktop computers to phones and tablets. Building the site in such a responsive way, the client was able to avoid updating a separate mobile site. This is a great time saver and keeps the process as simple as possible for the client.

With hundreds of pages and multiple categories, navigation needed to be well thought out. On top of the sheer amount of pages, everything also had to be accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. To solve this problem without forcing the client to moderate two separate sites, we instead built custom controls which automatically populated mobile and desktop views based on the pages built by the client.

After all was said and done, we helped Somerset Hills YMCA complete the vision they had for their new site. We were responsible for everything from planning, sitemaps and storyboards to designs, layouts and development. We worked with in house designers to follow the strict design guidelines all while still creating something new and creative for the YMCA brand. Pushing creative boundaries while having to abide by strict design guidelines is not easy, but we love the challenge and we're glad we got to work with the great folks at Somerset Hills YMCA.